Third Party Inspection / Pull Out Testing Inspection

Pull Out Test on Anchor Bolt

The purpose of the test is to apply a specific tensile load to an anchor bolt in order that the bolt can sustain such test condition for a period of time. Deformation of the anchor tested can also be measured to understand the relationship between force and displacement during testing.

General Test Procedures

  1. Apply a tensile load (at least 1.5 times the recommended load specified by the anchor manufacturers) onto the anchor to be tested.
  2. For the test without deformation measurement, maintain the load for at least 2 minutes upon the specified load is reached.
  3. For the test with deformation measurement, maintain the load for at least 1 hour with recordings of load and deformation at the beginning and the end of the loading period, as well as after removal of the test load.
  4. Inspect the anchor with the surrounding visually after testing.

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