Rope Access Engineering


When working at heights or in hard to access areas, rope access is by far the safest and most efficient access method used around the world today. Indeed, the rope access segment has seen the lowest incident and injury rate in the overall access industry.

Our team consists of professionally trained, experienced and certified staffs, providing safe, time and cost-effective solutions to problems related to accessing vertical structures while following the highest industry safe and operational standards.

Our rope access team can perform inspection and maintenance tasks using specialized access techniques. We ensure that the specialists we supply to your project site are familiar with your specific requirements.

Our industry-certified teams safely access a variety of at-height assets, including:

  • Offshore Platforms
  • Storage Tanks
  • Bridges
  • Buildings
  • Structure 



  • Eddy Current (EC)
  • Liquid Penetrant (PT)
  • Magnetic Particle (MT)
  • Radiography (RT)
  • Ultrasonic (UT)
  • Visual (VT)


Rope Access Maintenance Services

Traditional access methods such as scaffolding, crane baskets, and man lifts increase risk exposure, crowd work areas, and add significant expense to projects. Rope access is an efficient method for deploying and performing:

  • Corrosion Removal and Coating Application
  • Insulation Installation and Repair
  • Lighting Installation and Maintenance
  • Welding & Structural Repairs