Derrick Inspection (API- 4G) / Dropped Object Surveys

Our core business activities involve drilling structures this means that every element which is designed, built and installed has dropped objects considerations from design to installation by construction personnel. Therefore, consideration for the avoidance of dropped objects is intertwined in almost all of our business activities and our surveys have evolved to cover all of the relevant areas to the extent that we have comprehensive services available.

We have retained our approach to these inspections as being as practical and pro-active to ensure that we solve as many issues as possible on site, so as to reduce or eliminate the amount faults/failures in the report and to reduce items to be attended to going forward.

Our Derrick Inspectors are qualified to the API Approved Training for API 4G Drilling Structure Inspections. Therefore, our Inspectors are the qualified to perform inspection on your drilling structures, whether it is a Derrick, Mast and Substructure, Trailer Rig, Carrier Rig, Derrick Equipment Set or any other Drilling Structure.