Our Team

Our team of inspectors is Certificate by an independent training company after undergoing inhouse trainings.

  • Being independently certified gives our clients assurance that our inspectors are fully qualified and competent to deliver their best performance.

Our dedicated team has had vears of onshore and offshore experience.

  • Hence they understand the need to ensure that any equipment or tubular that is being inspected and maintained by us must fulfill stringent specifications set by our clients, API, DS-1 and NS.
  • This gives our clients the reassurance that the regulars and equipment are safe to use and would allow operation of run smoothly and efficiently.

Our team has accumulated experiences both locally and overseas.

  • Their ability to provide professional and reliable services to our clients is our greatest asset.
  • Some projects that our team have been involved in are listed below:

Offshore/Overseas Projects

(1) Chevron
(2) Front era Georgia
(3) Transocean

(4) Diamond Offshore
(5) Marlin Offshore
(6) Maersk

(7) Atwood Oceanic
(8) KCAD
(9) Daewoo International
(10) Frontier Drilling

Local Projects

(1) Paneling World Transport
(2) Swire Oilfield Services
(3) Smith International
(4) Schlumberger
(5) Baker Oil Tools
(6) Keppel FELS
(7) Ander gauge
(8) KEA Oil Tools
(9) International Logging
(10) Aquatic
(11) Drill -Quip Asia Pacific
(12) Grand Prides
(13) Alliance Logistics
(14) Schlumberger Logeico Inc
(15) Exploration Logistic Private Limited (ELPL)
(16) Machinery & Solutions Co.,Ltd
(17) SMART Technical Services Co.,Ltd
(18) Swiber Offshore and Construction Pte Ltd
(19) M.I.S.C Services Co.,Ltd
(20) EFR G- Link Express Services Ltd
(21) PT. Gunanusa Utama Fabricators
(22) Zeya & Associates Co.,Ltd
(23) Myint & Asscoiates Co.,Ltd

(24) Pacific Hi-Tech Engineering Services
(25) Uniteam Offshore Training Center
(26) Shwe Sandar Company Limited
(27) Petronas
(28) MPRL E&P Pte Ltd
(29) DARE Co.,Ltd
(30) Ye’ Mann Company Limited
(31) Dawn Construction
(32) Victor Logistic Company Limited
(33) FUKKEN Company Limited
(34) Kyaw Tha Construction Group Co.,Ltd
(35) KAWK Co.,Ltd
(36) SCOMI Oiltools ( Thailand) Ltd
(37) Bureau Veritas ( Myanmar) BV
(38) Baker Hughes
(39) VSS Myanmar
(40) PTTEP South Asia Limited
(41) Regard Engineering Co.,Ltd
(42) BlackWolf Oilfield Services Co.,Ltd
(43) Halliburton Myanmar Energy Services Pte Ltd
(44) Alpha-ECC Myanmar Private Co.,Ltd
(45) Samudra Oil
(46) Solar Alert

(47) SINOPEC International Petroleum Services Corp
(48) Path-Finder Technical Co.,Ltd
(49) TWC Myanmar Company Limited
(50) United National Oil & Gas Trading Co.,Ltd
(51) Great Wall Drilling
(52) Parami Energy Group
(53) UMG Co.Ltd
(54) Oilfield Instrumentation ( India) Pvt Ltd
(55) SBM Offshore
(56) MIT
(57) KST Construction
(58) ANTARA KOA Private Limited
(59) MMG Marine Co.,Ltd
(60) 9 Engineering
(61) Energy Logistic Myanmar Co.,Ltd
(62) BSL Containers
(63) Autumm Breeze Myanmar Co., Ltd
(64) Two Elephant Trading Co., Ltd
(65) Asia Offshore Rentals (AOR) Group
(66) Myanmar Youth Co.,Ltd
(67) Oil Tech
(68) Petroknowledge
(69) DNV/GL
(70) CSS
(71) Total E & P Myanmar